Back your nurses

Every patient, in every region and community, deserves the right to safe care and a properly funded public health system.

Nurses and midwives in NSW need improved nurse-to-patient ratios, particularly in overstretched Emergency departments and intensive care units.


In 2011, NSW nurses convinced the then-Labor government to agree to nurse-to-patient ratios for some parts of our public health system. This was a great advance for patient care.

However, our world-class public health system will deteriorate and nurses won't be able to provide the safe care patients deserve if federal and state governments continue to slash health funding and refuse to extend ratios to the many areas without them.

Funding cuts hit regional areas the hardest. Public hospitals in the country are already struggling to keep patients safe, compared to city hospitals.

Only selected wards in metropolitan public hospitals currently have a ratio of one nurse to four patients and this does not include Emergency, Intensive Care or paediatrics.

The NSW government must prioritise public health so that every patient, in every region, can access affordable public health care.

We will continue the fight for ratios across all public health facilities, regardless of their size.

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